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Lysistrata Summary

May 04, 2010

Summary of Lysistrata By Adele Streissguth Lysistrata revolves around women not giving men what they want...."sex" so they can stop participating in wars. To be more specific, a woman named Lysistrata comes up with the interesting idea-women should not have sex with the men who are fighting. She suggests this to the women of Greece. She wants the Peloponnesian War to end.She also has another idea, one for older women of Athens to take over Akropolis. When the women arrive, Lysistrata explains the idea and makes them swear an oath that they will not have sex with their husbands until they sign a treaty of peace. They sacrifice a bottle of wine to the Gods to prove their oath is true. Another important part of the play is that there are two choruses-a chorus of men and a chorus of women. The men start off first by coming on stage and carry wood to the entrance of Akropolis. They want to smoke the women out of Akropolis. The chorus of women arrive with the jugs of water to put out the men's fires. The chorus of women wins and even go as far as to pour water on the men. The Commissioner comes to the scene and is surprised that the women are victorious. He demands that policemen arrest Lysistrata and the rest of the women but the policemen end up losing and running away. The Commissioner takes the time to tell the men that they have been too kind to the women. The Commissioner and Lysistrata get into an argument about the war. Lysistrata explains how difficult war has been for the women because they had to give up their sons and husbands to the war. She also gives a tip on how the City of Anthens should be run and that it is hard for women to find a husband today. In then, in a hilarious scene, the women dress The Commissioner up as a woman! Afterwards, the effects of the sex strike take...well, effect! The men are becoming desperate for sex. Kinesias rushes towards Lysistrata at the entrance of Akropolis. Kinesias has an erection and really wants a wife. Myrrhine, his wife, refuses to have sex with him until peace exists. Kinesias begins to explain how much he loves her and how their child needs her right now and goes on and on. Myrrhine doesn't even listen but once Kinesias finishes, she starts to go fetch items from the city that they can use to make love. Kinesias says he will only think of peace between of Athens and Sparta but Myrrhine never returns. A Spartan Herald arrives on the scene, also with an erection. He pleas for a treaty, clearly desperate. The men meet up in Akropolis to discuss the treaty, all suffering from erections. Lysistrata appears with her naked handmaid Peace. The men are fully distracted by Peace but Lysistrata takes the time to lecture them on how she thinks peace should be held around Greece. She says that Athens and Sparta are part of the same heritage and they owe debts to each other and therefor should not be fighting. The Spartan and Athenian leaders choose land rights that will end the war. It's over! Lysistrata gives the women back to the men and they dance and party while singing a song in unison.

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